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What are the PROVEN
Two different - but related things We can do to MAX OUT our Healthspan
(Live LONG in a Healthy State)?


It’s as easy as A-B-C-D…


Studies show Exercice +  Vision decreased  likelihood of INJURY from fall by 97%!


Hartholt KA JAMA 2019

Deaths From Falls Have Increased 3x Since 2000




Exercise is BY FAR the most important behavior for HEALTHY LONGEVITY


< 10% of adults 75+ achive Physical Activity guidelines !!!

Inexpensive tools and processes for a systems support to enable a proactive/wellness approach that addresses the common mobility and balance changes in community and health care settings.

-Understand the causes and contibutors of common balance changes
-Self-management tools to monitor and prepare for health care visits

Usual practice of falls prevention in acute care has limited effectiveness. A wellness approach focuses on -Understanding causes, -Consistent communication (red flags) -Improving compliance with targeted interventions for Safe early mobilization.


Because rust never sleeps, tips on how to acknowledge aging but take action to delay the effects of common age-related diseases

A structured, comprehensive program to shift from responding to fall events to a wellness approach of Mobility & Balance Awareness for sustained improvements in communication, targeted interventions and quality processes.

A wellness program that bridges the intention-behavior gap using innovative health coaching methods to promote balance exercise and proactive preparation to get the most out of healthcare visits.


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Who we are

DrBalance® fills this intention-behavior change gap using innovative learning tools and processes with continuous improvement methods targeted to healthcare settings, senior communities, and for older individuals and those that care for them. The wellness perspective in a care management design provides added value for each setting.


“Thank you so much…we continue to get emails from the attendees about how much they enjoyed the webinar.”
“Thank you so much for bringing in the QAPI component…this group is just gearing up for QAPI implementation. You are helping us be ahead of the curve!!!!”

From: Victor Lane Rose  NHA, MBA, CPASRM Senior Risk Management Analyst and Consultant ECRI Institute