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Clients Testimonials

DrBalance Client Testimonials- update 100813


a. Following March 19, 2013 Webinar for ECRI Institute: “Effective Fall Management Strategies at the “Sharp End”

“Thank you so much…we continue to get emails from the attendees about how much they enjoyed the webinar.”

“Thank you so much for bringing in the QAPI component…this group is just gearing up for QAPI implementation. You are helping us be ahead of the curve!!!!”

From:   Victor Lane Rose  NHA, MBA, CPASRM
Senior Risk Management Analyst and Consultant
ECRI Institute

2. Senior Groups & Communities

a. Sep 17, 2013 Inland Empire Disabilities Consortium: Implementing a Mobility and Balance Awareness Wellness Program in Senior Communties

“Your participation in this important community event contributed greatly to the success of the IEDC Conference. There was a lot of interest in your workshop.”

From Bev Ching, R.N., M.S.
Clinical Services Manager
Inland Empire Health Plan

b. Mobility and Balance Awareness: Do You have your MBA? Program implemented in Senior Affordable Communities with The Be.Group in Southern California

Mobility and Balance Awareness
2nd Place Recognition
2012 Innovations in Service Coordination Award
sponsored by Critical Signal Technologies

From Christine Schnitzer
Senior Director

3. Providers and Health Plans

4. Acute care

5. Older adults & Families

a. Gerontologic Social Work Education Consortium: Dealing with the complexity of aging

“Your talent and integrity are a special combination. Your breadth and grasp of the true issues in aging are unique and I am a really big fan.”

From W. June Simmons, CEO
Partners in Care Foundation

6. Live Long and Prosper

a. Dec 6, 2009, Jewish Family Services, “Aging Wisdoms: Because Rust Never Sleeps”

“Thank you so very much for your very inspiring and uplifting presentation yesterday morning - My muscle pains are getting better and I have taken your advice of heat all day and ice at night. Last night we watched Robin Williams on HBO and laughed quite a bit... All joking aside - you are great! “

From Esther Rothberg
Orthodox Union - West Coast Region
Synagogue & Community Services