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Health Plans & Providers

Health Plans & Providers

Boost CMS Star Ratings and Reimbursement with your MBA.
Mobility & Balance Awareness: Improves quality, reduces cost with higher satisfaction


Quality Tools

The Chronic Care Model MBA: Links member self-management & ‘quality-enhanced’ staff for improved outcomes for a common but complex issue

The MBA Approach helps to understand ‘the final common pathway’: Why the MBA framework improves Chronic Disease Management

Mobility & Balance Awareness: Decision Support

Causes and Contributors/ MBA Assessment (Fishbone, template) Cause Effect Analysis of Falls Risk Inducing Drugs (with Odds Ratios) MBA to boost Hierarchical Conditions Category (HCC) Coding

Boost Reimbursement: HCC Coding & Documentation

Team-based MBA Management

Screening: Target Population Identifed
MBA Assessments:

Detailed Falls History, Med Review CDM targets Physical Exam with detailed Mobility & Balance Components MBA Attitudes/Awareness/Activities

MBA Personal Decision Guide Tool (based on the HAPA Behavior Model)

Clarify Decision/Explore how decision made-support needed Identify decision making needs/Plan next step

MBA Care Management Options

Self-Management Support - Personal Guide Group-based Learning 1:1 Coaching (PCP/NP/PA)

Intervention Protocols

Why BP/Diabetes control matter for your MBA Meds/Maintaining an Accurate Med List Feet/Footwear/Mobility Aids Vision and Lighting Activity/Environment/Assistance Exercise/Therapy

MBA Care Management Follow Up Protocols