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Long-Term Care-QAPI

Long-Term Care-QAPI

Mobility & Balance Awareness: An MBA for Real Process Improvement
What's the Innovation/Will it work/Clinical tools & Training/Process measures


What’s the innovation? How to choose which innovation

  • 2 page overview: Why an MBA will Help with Quality
  • Process Map – with time frames
  • Decision Guide to help staff choose your MBA Project


Activity/Ambulation for Your MBA

  • 2 page program summary
  • Monthly Activity-Falls Data Sheet
  • ROI (Return On Investment) Worksheet


Bladder Program

  • 2 page overview: Scheduled toileting + Use of Bladder Scanner
  • Bladder program process  steps map
  • Toileting Assessment bedside tool
  • Monthly Tracker – What happened, resident/unit


Communication Tools

- Teach-back, Huddle, Handoff, Family (+/- serious injury)

  • Communication Tools 2 page overview
  • Teach-Back Bedside Tool/2 page description
  • Resident/Family Survey tool- impact of Teach-Back


Dementia/Delirium- Biggest challenge for your MBA

  • 2 page description of components to support your MBA
  • Behavior Management Worksheet
  • What nurses need to know to help with med monitoring