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Older Adults and their Families

Older Adults and their Families

‘How do you go broke? Two ways. Gradually and suddenly’ Ernest Hemmingway
Falls are much the same but don’t have to be, get your MBATM (Mobility & Balance Awareness)
Why is my balance not like when I was 30; what can I do about it?

Mobility and Balance Awareness: why does it matter?
Causes and contributors to common changes in balance as we age
Action Steps you can take NOW for your MBA

How do my high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease affect my Mobility & Balance

Understanding “the Final Common Pathway” & why you should care NOW

What medications are risky and how to discuss them with my doctor.

Some medications can adversely affect balance control mechanisms
Which ones to consider and how to discuss it with your Doctor

The low hanging fruit: Things I can do NOW to achieve my MBA

Common Foot Problems
Footwear: what you don’t know could hurt you
Mobility Aids: How do you know if you need one/ are you using yours properly?

What type of exercise components do I need for my MBA and how do I find a good program?

Lower Extremity Strength and Flexibility
Endurance and Cardiovascular Fitness
Mobility and Balance: When was the last time you walked over stepping stones?
Where are programs, what do they cost, will they help me?

If I fall, what should I say to my doctor to reduce the chance of being injured the next time?

Self-Management Support - Personal Guide

Comprehensive Self-Management Tools for achieve your MBA

Awareness/Decision Support Tools
Self-efficacy in Chronic Disease Management: Am I prepared to do what’s necessary?
Causes and Contributors to Balance Changes
Keeping and accurate Med List
BP management and measurement of Postural Hypotension
Footwear Self-assessment
Mobility Aid Self Assessment
Epworth Sleepiness Scale/Sleep Log/Insomnia Management Tips
Vision Screening
Chronic Disease Management Tools
CDC Home Safety Checklist