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Our History

DrBalance, Inc. founder, Steven C. Castle, M.D. -Passion to make a difference in mobility and balance changes in older adults for over 15 years -Participated in national and regional approaches to confront the challenge, including the CA Falls Prevention Center of Excellence -Participated in the Annual National Falls Prevention Conference in Tampa, sponsored by University of South Florida and the Tampa VA since the inception in 2000, with collaboration and networking with national and international falls prevention experts -Developed, evaluated and disseminated Falls Prevention Clinics in VA in CA, FL, GA, Puerto Rico -Implemented Mobility and Balance Awareness programs in broad settings

-The name, Dr. Balance is what particpants in programs began to call him

-After attending health services/implementation research classes through UCLA, and then being exposed to innovative adult-learning principles in UCLA faculty development courses, Dr. Castle recognized that to really come to grips with the continued increased mortality from falls in the U.S., it would take a shift away from the reactive-address the injury after a fall approach prevelant in our health care system, to an approach based on the chronic care model developed by Ed Wagner, which has had such a dramatic impact on improved care in other chronic diseases.

-The other significant impact on developing DrBalance, Inc, was Dr. Castle’s exposure to the FallPROOFTM program developed by Dr. Debra Rose, Director of the Center for Successful Aging at Cal State Fullerton. Dr. Rose has been a longtime supporter in the development of DrBalance, Inc, because of her recognition of the need to build stronger links between community-based falls prevention programs and health care. The Mobility and Balance Awareness: Do you have your MBA?TM program which was funded by a series of foundation grants from The Good Family Foundation, The Pasadena Foundation and the Be.Group Foundation included an adapted version of FallPROOFTM, which was developed for the Community Based Adult Services setting (formerly called Adult Day Health).

Now, with opportunities to bring this together, Dr. Castle and nurse consultant Donna Henriques, want to provide the knowledge, skills and attitude to implement the MBA programs in acute and long-term care settings. The program for long-term care has been developed as a “QAPI Plug-In” (Quality Assurance Process Improvement) to help programs achieved CMS-required QAPI program implementation.