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MBA Program

A QAPI Plug-in

Long-Term Care-QAPI

Mobility & Balance Awareness: An MBA for Real Process Improvement
What's the Innovation/Will it work/Clinical tools & Training/Process measures


Health Plans & Providers

Boost CMS Star Ratings and Reimbursement with your MBA.
Mobility & Balance Awareness: Improves quality, reduces cost with higher satisfaction

Older Adults and their Families

‘How do you go broke? Two ways. Gradually and suddenly’ Ernest Hemmingway
Falls are much the same but don’t have to be, get your MBATM (Mobility & Balance Awareness)

Senior Communities & Groups

A community-based approach to understand changes in Mobility & Balance to help receive needed services and support for wellness

Acute Care Setting

Falls happen, but they shouldn’t
Your MBA helps to understand, communicate and intervene on falls risk, in real-time

Live Long and Prosper

Aging is a complex business. A Newsletter to provide insight into the aging process and the
policies that impact on them, to help us make important choices for our wellness.